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In 1970, Colin Bell founded the first of the Bell Group of companies; the commodities trading business Bell Commodities.

Bell Commodities has a long history of providing advice and execution services for wholesale and retail clients trading global futures, options and cash currency markets for their hedging, trading and investment requirements.

With established trading arrangements covering all of the major international futures and options markets, including the bullion and inter-bank currency markets, Bell Commodities provides access to a large selection of derivative products. Bell Potter Securities Ltd is a Participant of the ASX 24 (formerly the Sydney Futures Exchange) and a Clearing Participant of ASX Clear (Futures).

The team of over 15 advisers is based in Sydney and Melbourne. The team has a single aim: to be the commodities broker of choice. They achieve this through an intimate knowledge of the local marketplace and tailored services.

Revenue for the business is generated through the purchase and sale of exchange traded futures and options.

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Origins dating back to 1970
Broking of global futures, commodities, options and cash currency markets
Team of over 15 advisers


Team Member

Geoffrey Louw

Co-Head of Futures & FX - Bell Potter Commodities and Bell FX

Geoffrey Louw is the Co-Head of Futures and FX. He joined Bell Potter Securities in 2008 and has over 40 years’ experience in financial markets. Geoffrey began his career in Foreign Exchange in South Africa for a merchant bank before gaining experience in Fixed Income and Interest Rate Markets at Investec Bank. In 1985, he migrated to Australia and worked in Capital Markets. During a period as a price maker at ANZ McCaughan and Australian Gilt Securities, Geoffrey used various Futures products to hedge positions and moved into Futures in 1991. Geoffrey joined Potter Warburg in the newly formed Futures team and became head of the Futures desk in Australia in 2001. After heading the Exchange Traded Derivatives Desk for UBS in Australia, Geoffrey joined Bell Potter Securities. Geoffrey has been a long standing member of the ASX Tribunal and is also a member of ASIC’s Market Disciplinary Panel.
Team Member

Tim Maxwell

Co-Head of Futures & FX - Bell Commodities and Bell FX

Tim Maxwell is the Co-Head of Futures and FX. Tim joined Bell Potter Securities in 2009 and has over 34 years’ experience in the futures markets. He commenced his career as an SFE Pit Boss, then trader and advisor for Barclays Bank, BZW/ABN Amro NV and Deutsche Bank AG. Tim has a wealth of experience advising in global fixed income and equity futures, primarily to the International CTA and Hedge Fund sectors.